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Often times just having the right tool, is the difference in one's success.

Socialize much?

What can Mobile Marketing Design Studio do for you?

Traject Info

Welcome to The Mobile Marketing Design Studio, your mobile marketing toolbox. We specialize in designing marketing tools to help you build your business.

Mobile marketing is the hottest advertising medium, however without the right tools you it's difficult to build your business.

One of the biggest challenges of starting your own mobile marketing business is actually marketing your service!

That's were we come in. Because mobile marketing is new, many some businesses aren't aware of the technology. Being able to show how your system works and how they can use it is key to your customer using your service. Visual aids work the best. Consider us the Swiss Army Knife to Mobile Marketing!

There's no doubt our most popular product are the table tents and signs. They are perfect for presentation and they help clients envision how to promote the service.

Our products are designed to;

  • Saves you time
  • Gets your message across to your client
  • Helps your client promote your service
  • Helps you promote your business
  • Helps you build your business

Product Format

Our print designs are created in RGB and CMYK 300 dpi resolution. Each design is delivered to you via download link in JPEG format, 300dpi RGB file (desktop printing) and 300dpi CMYK (Commericial Printing).


Most of our products can be customized. We will work with you to customize your item as best we can based on your requests.

Any custom job that takes us out of our scope in terms of time may cost more depending on the job. We are pretty reasonable and most custom jobs fall inline with our pricing.

You may have a logo to incorporate into some of our products. We prefer to have images in a format such as Illustrator, EPS, PSD, PNG or JPG

Product Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, items purchased will be delivered via download link. For an additional fee we will burn a CD or DVD containing your purchased items.

Please allow 3-5 days for any custom work ordered to be completed after we receive all necessary information, logo's, contact info, etc...


We do work with some printers and can get some competitive pricing. Contact us if you are interested.

If you would prefer to use your own printer, simply purchase the design and download the image. However if you choose to have us print your designs just contact us.