Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our commonly asked questions.

  • Table Tents/Signs

  • Can the background image on the table tent and signs be changed?

    Yes, the image can be changed however there is an additional fee for the custom work.

  • Do the files come layered?

    No, our files are not layered. The images are downloaded in JPEG format.

  • Can I resell any of the designs that I purchase?

    No, the designs are copywritten by Mobile Marketing Design Studio and cannot be resold. You can have them printed for your customers promotional use.

  • Can I change the text on the brochure?

    Yes, after your purchase you will be contacted about any changes of the copy, colors, business name and logo.
    Click Here to see the areas that can be customized on the brochures

  • Mobile Websites

  • Are there any hosting fees?

    No, not if you currently have a website.

  • Do I need another domain name for the mobile friendly website?

    No, the mobile friendly website workes off of the same domain name you have. The mobile code detects the mobile device and uses the mobile formatted version we create.

  • Can I put everything from my desktop website onto the mobile friendly version?

    Yes, in most cases we can convert your desktop website content so that it can be used in a mobile format. There are few limitations based on programming and device compatibility.