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I'm Mike Kramer founder of the Mobile Marketing Design Studio. I'd like to first start by thanking you for visiting our website.

I've been involved with mobile marketing now for about 3 years. Getting out there 3 years ago and talking with business owners that weren't familiar with mobile services was very challenging. Most didn't really understand mobile marketing and how to use it for their business.

I found myself wondering how to explain the services and at the same time help them promote their new mobile service. That's when I started creating table tents and signs geared specifically for mobile marketing and promotion.

I also formed an alliance with my service provider TextCoMedia where we jointly have developed a full line of mobile marketing and collateral sales materials. TextCoMedia has retained me as its sole source of marketing material development, video production and management of its graphic art department.

After creating the designs and presenting them to prospective clients in a way that showed them how effective mobile marketing could be for their buiness it became much easier for the client to understand.

Maybe your facing the same challenges, maybe your not. Either way our services are perfect for your business, and your clients needs.

So look around and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Mike Kramer